New Revenue Streams For Nursing Homes


100 new sub-markets are opening up which will allow astute care providers to grow.

Come and be privy to all new growth opportunities.

The single market of ‘elderly/infirm’ is not the only market to service.

This seminar, which is restricted to 30 attendees, will gain a deep insight into all the opportunities in the market.

This is a seminar for senior executives who have been delegated the task of plotting the regeneration of the business.

The life cycle of the stand alone nursing home* is at an end. The business model of the future requires the ability to look outside the “white picket boundary fence”.

This seminar focuses on a business model looking out from the nursing home and not treating the boundary fence as your horizon.

The seminar focuses on a 10-15 kilometer catchment; the delivery of goods and services to all householders and generations; small development opportunities within the catchment and a plethora of revenue streams all managed from an existing base.

The business model also embraces the creation of space, enhanced community closeness and the re-creation of street intimacy and connectivity.

The business model includes the embrace of co-op stores / pubs / mail delivery / parcel acceptance / social spaces / multi-generational care / work-live spaces / co-op housing and home based care service options.


The seminar will be presented by the research editor of (one of the foremost authorities worldwide on seniors housing trends).


Edmonton, CA – Mon 11 Sep 2017

Vancouver, CA – Tue 12 Sep 2017

London, UK – Mon 13 Nov 2017


In the event of a client cancelling his/her attendance, then the following policy will apply;

  1. Delegates can be substituted at any time.
  2. A video/transcript of the event can be substituted for attendance.
  3. The client can postpone attendance until the next presentation of the same content.
  4. The client, upon payment of a supplementary fee, can have the event presented on their own premises on any mutually agreed date.
  5. OR a cash refund of 25 per cent up until 60 days before the event. No refund is available for any cancellation received within 60 days of the event.