Esmonde Crawley

Esmonde Crawley is an Editor of Over 50s Housing journals and websites in 10 countries, including Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K., Ireland, Netherlands and Germany.

Mr. Crawley has been researching, writing and lecturing on Over 50s Housing for 26 years.

He spends 10 months a year travelling; visiting newly opened projects, interviewing buyers and occupants and following up news leads in the UK / Europe (4 months) , the Americas (4months) and the Antipodes (2months). “He has the brilliant ability to make issues sound logical and simple to understand” said a workshop attendee in Los Angeles.

His enthusiasm, insights and no notes delivery will have you enthralled. “He is the most mesmeric raconteur skilled in our industry. His knowledge is breathtaking”, said a recent attendee at a Toronto Seminar.


Mr. Crawley can speak on any aspect of Over 50s Housing anywhere in the world.

Mr. Crawley focuses on What the Customer Wants. He has a unique ability to innately understand customer drivers. He is the best lateral thinker in the sector, and he will give you a new perspective, as well as a plethora of new business opportunities in the Over 50s Housing Sector.

Mr. Crawley can also cover Over 50s Housing Tends / 100 New Market Slivers. Generational change is driving the breakup of yesterday’s pipeline delivery, and dozens of new housing forms are emerging. Mr. Crawley has an understanding of the coming changes / trends, and will engage and hold any audience on this topic.

Mr. Crawley can cover Adult Day Care/Respite, Affordable, Assisted Living, Autism/Aspergers, Brain Injury, Care Home, Clinics, Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Dementia / Alzheimers, Disability Services, Extra Care, Health Parks, Home Care, Hospice, Hospitals, Hostel, Housing Which Targets Over 50s, Learning Disability (Adult), Learning Disability (Child), Medical Centres, Mental Health Services, Multi-generation Housing, Nursing Home, Park Housing, Rehabilitation, Respite, Rest Home, Retirement Community, Retirement Flats, Retirement Village, Sheltered Housing, Social Housing, Supported Housing.


Mr. Crawley is thoroughly professional, never cancels, always arrives on time, speaks without notes or PowerPoint ®, establishes eye contact with each audience member, speaks exactly to the minutes allocated and does not engage in profanity or abuse.

Referees / References

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All lectures / talks / speeches / workshops are delivered in English.


Mr. Crawley will seek payment of a return economy airfare, taxi fares, 1 or 2 nights in a 3 star hotel, breakfast / dinner and an agreed speaker’s fee.

Booking Time

No minimum advance notice. If you are stuck for a keynote speaker, he will travel at any time to help.


  • Speaker’s fee: Half at the time of booking and the balance within seven days of performance.
  • The travel costs are payable in advance of travel.