Multigenerational housing is the new normal says research centre

MIAMI: For decades the path to adulthood looked something like this. Graduate from high school, go to university, graduate from university, get a job, get your own place, and, ta-da, you’re an adult. But a new economic reality has changed that.

Multi-generational housing, having three Read More »

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Give seniors ‘homes’ not ‘institutions’ says Huffington Post founder

SAN FRANCISCO: The International Editor of the Huffington Post says the America has to start building homes for the aging and stop its slide to ‘institutionalism’.

Innovation in housing for the elderly has stopped in America as everyone starts to ape the same continuum of Read More »

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Brand management poor in aged care sector

LOS ANGELES: Brand management in the retirement community and aged care sector in USA is in an abysmal state.
Brand names, which take many lifetimes to establish, are being routinely trashed by dumb management, ineptitude, spectacular implosions and staff treachery.
Who advised Brightwater to issue Read More »

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Research reports confirm decline in new cases of Dementia

LOS ANGELES: Three research reports have been released today confirming that the rate of Dementia diagnosis is down 44 per cent, on rates registered in late 70s and early 1980s. The sharpest decline has been seen amongst people in their 60s.
The reports destroy the Read More »

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