Age care compounds becoming soft crime targets

crimePHOENIX: Retirement communities and skilled nursing homes imply a level of elevated safety in their commercial pitch to prospective customers.

But evidence is mounting that age-apartheid compounds are increasingly becoming soft crime targets and the care sector is trashing its reputation by doing nothing to effectively counter the growing threat.

1113: The bid to unionise non-professional workers at a skilled nursing home four years ago failed by a single vote – but produced a lengthy legal case just decided by a federal appeals court panel.

It cited several missteps: Two days before the vote, the manager of the skilled nursing home held a mandatory meeting for employees who were eligible for the union, emphasising the company was a “family.”

They had to watch a slideshow in which photos of some of them – happily interacting with patients and each other, smiling at the camera – were depicted as the Sister Sledge hit “We Are Family” played.

However, the photos had been taken at a Valentine’s Day party for patients, or other company events. Using them – without employees’ permission – to imply those smiles conveyed support of the company’s anti-union stance was ruled an unfair labour practice…

Full story covered in the Governance Weekly.